The Less Stressed Life Podcast: Endometriosis, Fibroids and PMDD Awareness

Oct 11, 2022
The Less Stressed Life Podcast with Suzanne Fenske, MD, founder TārāMD
If you are missing days of your life during your period, meaning that you are not going to work, you are not going to school, you are not going out with your friends or doing, you know, the hobbies that you like to do or the things you like to do during yo

I had the pleasure of joining Christa Biegler, Functional Medicine Nutritionist, for an episode of the Less Stressed Life Podcast. We discussed what all women should know about endometriosis such as causes and symptoms, how to advocate for yourself in the medical world (the average time to get a diagnosis is 7-10 years!), and helpful treatments and symptom control options including a full lifestyle approach.  

We also covered PMDD, the severe form of PMS that can cause disabling physical and emotional symptoms that can have a serious impact on your life, as well as Fibroids (as many as 60% of American women suffer from them!).

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