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We do not accept insurance.
Many people are used to their provider billing insurance directly and understandably have questions about our model. After practicing within the insurance system for almost 2 decades, we have made the difficult decision to leave it. We do help you navigate your reimbursement for our visits (see below).

Did you know that the average length of time spent with a physician in a regular visit is 10 min, and that includes both the patient and doctor communication and exam?

This is because insurance companies are more concerned about managing their costs - they dictate what services are covered and what the coverage will be. This has led to a healthcare system that relies on a quick, assembly-line type of medicine where physicians are seeing often over 30, even 40 patients a day. We believe that healthcare is not about high volume, brief encounters - healing requires attention, time, and the sharing of expertise and advice that in most instances cannot happen in a 10-minute time frame. It may be enough time to do a pap smear, but when is the last time your annual GYN exam meant a discussion of how to improve your sleep, or proactively reduce your breast cancer risk using food and lifestyle choices? We believe we can provide you with more healthcare (including the care in healthcare!) through our system, saving healthcare costs in the end.

We help you navigate insurance reimbursement. 
Patients with out-of-network coverage usually are reimbursed up to 70-80% of the cost of the visit once the deductible has been met. We help you with this process:

Once you pay for the visit, we will provide you with a receipt as well as a “superbill” with correct CPT and diagnosis codes which can be submitted by you to your insurance company for potential reimbursement to you.
As a courtesy to our patients, we offer this submission on your behalf at no cost to you - please let us know at the time of your visit if this is a service you would like. We cannot guarantee that you will be reimbursed, as each insurance plan is unique. We encourage you to contact your plan to understand your coverage and reimbursement. You cannot submit for reimbursement if you are covered under Medicare/Medicaid. Our providers have opted out of Medicare.
For lab testing and imaging referrals, we try to use in-network providers if preferred by our patients to limit cost. For labs, we typically utilize either Labcorp or Quest, but it is your responsibility to check which one is the preferred lab provider for your insurance. For imaging, we work with a number of leading radiology offices in New York - please also verify which one accepts your insurance if you desire to stay in-network. Some advanced testing options such as functional hormonal testing including the DUTCH or ZRT test, or some genetic tests, are not covered by insurance. We only recommend these tests if they are indicated for YOU, not routinely, and will discuss the associated cost with you. You do not need to agree to the test and we will work with standard testing options to the best of our ability.
Through the CARES act of March 2020, some insurers are waiving the deductible requirement even for high-deductible plans for telehealth visits, which means you may get reimbursed even without satisfying the deductible. Please check with your insurer.