Is TārāMD a medical practice? 

Yes, we are a medical practice but may be different compared to your previous medical experiences. TārāMD on the Upper East Side was founded by a double board-certified female physician. Dr. Suzanne Fenske is trained in gynecology and minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery through one of the leading academic institutions, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, as well as in integrative medicine through the University of Arizona School of Medicine. TārāMD offers what we consider the best of healthcare - an expert, truly integrated personalized approach combining traditional, functional and integrative medicine. Some people do need medications and surgery and we certainly provide that when indicated.

What is integrative medicine?

As Dr. David Rakel has so beautifully said, “ Integrative medicine is a shift in medicine toward recognizing the benefits of combining the external, physical and technological successes of curing with the internal, nonphysical exploration of healing.” Simply put, Integrative medicine places the patient at the center, relies on a trustworthy partnership between the patient and physician, acknowledges the importance of physical and emotional health, and utilizes all the tools including natural approaches as well as medications and surgery. It promotes true healing and health rather than symptom management.

What hospital are you affiliated with?
We are proud of our affiliation with Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City, but we are still a private practice.

Do you do obstetrics/deliveries?
No, we do not provide prenatal care or perform deliveries. We do offer expert preconception assessments and counseling and focus on postpartum care and recovery.

Do you replace my gynecologist?
Although we can certainly provide the full scope of your gynecologic care, we are also happy to work with you and your regular gynecologist on a more specialized, consultative basis.

Do you accept insurance?
Please see insurance details in our ”insurance” section. 

What is the cost of visits?
We believe in full transparency of costs. Please see our “pricing” section for common visit types and fees.

How do I schedule an appointment?

New patients are encouraged to call or email us for an appointment. Established TārāMD patients can contact us or self-schedule through their Athena Health patient portal. 

Can I have a virtual appointment if I do not live in New York?
We are currently offering telehealth visits to residents of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. 

What is your cancellation policy?

To ensure efficient use of our time and resources, please provide at least twenty-four (24) hours' notice for cancellations or reschedules. Otherwise, a fee of $150 may be applied to our first missed appointment. Subsequent missed appointments may be charged the full cost of the missed visit, based on our current fee schedule, and, in certain cases, may result in discharge from the practice.

Grace Period Disclaimer

At TārāMD, we strive to provide all our patients with exceptional care and attention. To ensure the smooth functioning of our appointments and to respect the time of both our patients and medical professionals, we kindly request that you arrive early and adequately prepared for your scheduled appointment.

Importance of Punctuality

Arriving on time for your appointment, whether in-person or via telehealth, is crucial for maintaining the efficiency of our medical services. It allows us to provide you with the full attention and care you deserve, as well as minimizes any inconvenience caused to other patients who may have appointments scheduled after yours.

Please be advised that if you arrive more than 10 minutes late for your appointment, it may be necessary to cancel or reschedule your visit. In such cases, our standard cancellation fee (refer to cancellation policy) will be applicable. We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, and we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible if you anticipate being delayed.

Commitment to Quality Care

Our commitment to providing high-quality healthcare remains paramount, and we appreciate your cooperation in adhering to our appointment policies. Should you have any questions or require further clarification regarding our grace period and cancellation policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.