Love Your Libido

Jan 11, 2024
Woman in underwear with a pink grapefruit in her hands
Sheila encourages readers to consider their desires for 2024 and acknowledges that libido is not just about sex but is essential for overall wellness, vitality, and creativity.

Your Libido in the New Year

It's a new year and as with any new beginnings it is a time to vision and create.

What are you hoping for in 2024? Where will you put your energy and attention?

What does your libido have to do with this? Everything.

When we think of libido we automatically think of sex, but the underlying current is life force.

Yes this enlivening energy can stir up your sexual desire, but it is also central to your wellness, vitality, and creativity.

All creation begins with DESIRE.

Whether your desire is leading you to conceive and birth a baby or a creative project is irrelevant, the underlying nature is the same.

Desire arises from your creative energy which is one and the same as your sexual energy, literally the energy of CREATION.

Often in planning ahead we lead with our minds, thinking about what we want (or think we should want).

While our mental rational minds are an integral part of our process, true desire lives in the BODY.

When you consider your dreams and vision for the year ahead, I invite you to notice how they FEEL in your body.

Can you feel the excitement? The anticipation? The longing?

All of these bodily sensations emerge from the life force energy you need to support the creation of your desire. In other words, your libido.

Your libido does not exist solely so that you can have sex with others. Your libido exists for your joy, your vitality, your LIFE force. Sex is a part of that, not the end in and of itself.

This is why it is irrelevant whether you are single or partnered– tending to your sexual wellness is imperative to your health and vitality, much like eating well and exercising.

While it is natural for the libido to shift as we age, it is not normal, even with all the hormonal changes of menopause, for it to disappear.

In fact, menopause can be a time of renewed creativity, when all your creative energy shifts from making babies and nurturing them back to yourself and your dreams and desires.

Tending to your libido is essential at every age and every stage. Low libido or the complete absence is often a symptom of underlying misalignments (aside from medical indications), many of which are especially quite common in women.

A simple example of an inner misalignment: Prioritizing other people’s needs ahead of your own.

Can you relate?

These types of blocks and misalignments drain your libido, your life force, your desire for sex, and your capacity to realize your true dreams and desires.

Let’s shift that, shall we?

In next week’s Love your Libido workshop, I will be sharing the top (non-medical) blocks to libido, strategies to unravel each and reconnect to this potent life force energy.

You will experience and receive a simple practice to support you in tending to and amplifying your libido going forward.

There will also be a bonus 30 minute Q&A following the session to support you in your individual spots.